Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fresh Back 
after some time away-

A few weeks back I deleted the link to the blog from my Instagram profile- it seemed silly to link to a place I haven’t posted to in so long.  Then proving that absence can make the heart grow fonder- I couldn’t stop thinking about this humble space and the potential it might hold.

For a while I thought of starting a fresh blog in a new location and then came to realize this space holds a certain history for me. Despite it’s holes and gaps it helps me remember where I’ve traveled over the past six years and reminds me I have grown.

I am doing even more knitting today than last we met. There is also teaching and designing going on. I am officially a freelance fiber artist. Many tiny and BIG steps have been and are being taken.

I am going to try to focus my posts on my knitting process and hope to include more tips, tricks, and tutorials. I’ll warn you stray photos of chickens and cats may also appear.
Happy Almost New Year!

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