Jig Stitch

The Jig Stitch is my adaptation of a slip stitch pattern sometimes called Flame Stitch. I added a little twist that prevents an open hole in the fabric. I use it in two of my patterns- The Happy Dance Hat and happy dance mitts. I love the zig-zags as they remind me of Ric-Rac trim.

It's a four stitch , four row repeat. The only possibly tricky row is row 1. It's my hope that this little video demo will be helpful.

Jig Stitch 
With new color
*Sl 1 purl wise- dropping extra wrap
Poke needle into next stitch 2 rows below and draw up a loose loop
K next stitch
Pass loop and last stitch on right needle over the K stitch
K1* around
Row 2
*S 1, K3 * around
Row 3
Row 4

*K1 wrapping yarn twice, K3 * around

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