Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just Popping In -

Popping in after a very long time away-  So what’s new? Much is the same-just with little variations- life is good.

I transitioned out of and into some new work and have been focusing on trying to not be so darn busy just being busy.  The husband is happy in some new work with lots of potential for him to use his creative skills and David just started his Junior Year as an illustration major and loves it!

There has been lots of knitting for me this past year and I have had the wonderful opportunity to do some teaching at my favorite local yarn store –  knitting 101 , beginners socks, mittens, as well as a slew of color work  sweater and fair Isle classes. I’m finding the teaching really energizing.

I’ve also been flexing some designing muscles. Last winter I posted a couple of patterns for color work mittens and last week I posted my Recipe for Fair Isle hats and a crown chart on Ravelry -partly the result of all that playing around with hats I was doing when last we met.  I’m plotting to spend more time designing this winter.

Big news is that a week from today I head out to Scotland. I’ve been planning and dreaming about this 3 week adventure for quite some time now.  There will be lots of train travel- ferry rides- island discovery and Wool Week shenanigans! I am beside myself with excitement!

All that to say – will be back the end of October with lots of photos and news to share – or if you happen to be on Instagram – I spend a fair amount of time there. Happy Knitting to you!

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