Thursday, December 10, 2015

Travel Memories

I had promised to share some photos of my trip to England and Scotland. Alicia has reminded me and it really doesn’t take much arm-twisting. I had a spectacular time! After flying into London, I took a luxurious train trip up to Glasgow where I stayed overnight in a Cathedral rectory that has been converted into a small hotel. Then I made my way by train up to Oban through the most picturesque countryside of rolling hills and lochs. Oban is a bustling port city with lots of travelers making their way to various Hebrides Isles. I took a ferry to Mull, then a bus across Mull to take a ferry to Iona where I stayed for a week.  All the train-bus and ferry time meant lots of window gazing enjoyment. I loved every minute of it.

Now somehow I will choose my three favorite photos from Iona-


The Walk to the Hostel

 The view from the fields behind the Hostel-

I attended a beautiful Thanksgiving service at the Abbey cathedral. the children from the local elementary school sang and made a presentation about their school-yard garden project.

I'll wait a bit and share a few more photos down the road- so many wonderful memories-

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