Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Weekend and a WIP

Last weekend we headed across state to Grand Rapids. There was business to take care of – stocking up David’s apartment with supplies- but we also celebrated Father’s Day with a special lunch.

Heading out Larry suggested a little drive to Grand Haven – just under a half hour away. It was a beautiful evening spent walking the boardwalk and the pier with its two lights.

We stopped in at Kirby Grill downtown for a bite to eat before heading home. Our waitress Stephanie was delightful.  When I mentioned that we’d like to come back and spend a little more time in Grand Haven she pulled out a guest check and jotted down all her favorite must see spots.

I’m looking forward to getting back over to the sunset side of the state sometime in August.

I also have a work in progress to share- well I’m sharing it a little reluctantly...
I know I’ve mentioned that I’m a huge fan of Kate Davies.  I just recently received a copy of her Book “Colours of Shetland”.


There are ten patterns included and every single one is a keeper. The photographs and Kate’s descriptions of the island landscapes- tying the patterns to the environment- make this a very special book.

I just couldn’t wait to jump in and start something. I am really intrigued with the look of the Northmavine Hap - a traditional  Scottish shawl. The stripes of color really highlight the feather and fan scallops.  I was so excited to get started I decided to use yarn I had on hand. Normally it doesn’t bother me at all to substitute colors- but in this case – I don’t know…. I so admire Kate’s aesthetic sensibility that substituting a yarn almost feels like blasphemy.

 My sample in rainbow colored Kauni   

I have an embarrassing stash of this yarn. I keep telling myself that something knit from it will be very cheering in the bleak mid-winter… right now though it’s evoking the circus.

Oh well – now that I have the hang of  how the pattern works I may be splurging on some special yarn  in  a more subtle seaside color way  and make a second hap. Then again there are nine other patterns here I just can’t wait to try…..

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