Thursday, June 13, 2013

Be Healthy Be Happy

Last November I made a commitment to myself. Step by step and day by day I would make healthier choices about what I eat. I would move more- and in more challenging ways.

I’ve been a walker for years. I‘ve walked a 10 mile race-walk. I would say I ate pretty healthy. Still I was about 30 pounds over what the doctor called my healthy weight range.  

6 months latter I have lost the 30 pounds! I feel great! I actually crave healthier food and movement. I know though that these are life long changes that will involve healthier choices everyday….

A few months ago my niece Alex posted that she would be signing up for a Color Run …

She was wondering if any one else wanted to join in as part of a celebration weekend for her sister who was graduating from High School. It sounded like just the goal I needed. I decided to join the “team” and train for my first 5K.

The race was last Saturday. We had an absolute blast! That's me with the green foil wig!

Thank You Suzanne and Adam for all the great photos and the wonderful memories! Thank you Alex and Lily and Jenny and Madeleine for including me, inspiring me, and encouraging me!

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