Wednesday, January 23, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 3/52

Happy Stuff happening…

Random sweater picture I saw on Pinterest.You can find the sweater here but it looks like it’s not available.

I decided my recipe cupboard was making me crazy.

I not only wanted to organize in there but try some new recipes. So I looked into a recipe organizing app and downloaded “Paprika”’. I’m loving it! I can browse recipes right from my page – save them- make grocery lists that are then available on my phone.I am working on a healthy repertoire of soups and slow cooker meals. One of the best things I’ve made so far was a Cuban pork and sweet potato stew from the Weight Watchers website.I added an extra sweet potato, a can of vegetable broth, and a can of black beans to make it more like a soup. It was incredibly delicious- spicy with a hint of sweetness.

I’ve talked myself into thinking of my aerobic DVD as dance time. I'm listening to probably THE weirdest playlist you could imagine, but it gets me moving and that is making me happy.

Figuring out how to neaten up the heel of my moccasin socks with a wrap and turn made me happy! I used the techniques on page 124 of Interweaves “Knitter’s Companion”. (If you don’t have that little book you should get it – it will make you happy.

Swatching is making me happy. I’m getting geared up to make the aran cardigan from Knitter's Almanac, and Elizabeth very sensibly recommends making a gauge swatch cap. My hat turned out a little silly...

but I feel much better about moving forward with my project.
I hope there's lots making you happy this week too!

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