Tuesday, January 15, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

Much to be Happy about this week.
We celebrated David’s 19th birthday with dinner out at his favorite sushi place followed by carrot cake. Kind of a weird combination…but it’s what he likes.

With warmer weather on Saturday we were able to get our little tree out in the yard where it looks much happier.

Then the weather turned frosty cold.

and we had a little snow. I wish I could have captured how beautiful the ice covered branches looked when I took Griffen out this morning. They were sparkling.

I puzzled all weekend over Elizabeth’s Moccasin Sock. It reminded of how much fun I had puzzling over the Turkish Bed Socks.  The construction here is so unique and interesting.

You knit the cuff circularly...
Then the top of the foot back and forth with some decreases at the start.

Then the toe is shaped in a very cool way so it actually rounds over the top of your toes. Then you pick up and knit all the way around on a 16 inch circular to make what will be the sole, but first you add what will be the heel...

The beauty….this sole can be removed and reknit when it wears out. Ingenious! EZ call them “retreads”.

There is a little gathering of stitches under the ball of the foot and heel. Then the rest of the stitches are grafted together with Kitchener stitch.

I did have a little trouble with picking up the stiches at first, but the second try went much more smoothly.

I’m so happy I persevered….because almost nothing is more Happy Making than slipping a hand knit sock onto your foot.

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