Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Routines

Settling into new routines around here. We’ve made a couple of trips across state to drop David and/or stuff off and I’m very much in love with Grand Rapids now. However even though I have a new favorite place to hang out- eat- and listen to music 

I’m going to try and give David some space – stay put – and resist the urge to rent the house and relocate.

I have been merrily knitting and reknitting away on my Ingenue. 

You may remember that I had to tink back a bit….. Well I finished the body of the sweater – tried it on- and decided I just wasn’t happy with the fit.  I really want to get it right- relaxed but not so oversized I’m swimming in it- so I ever so carefully ripped back the whole thing- the yarn held up fine.  I need to spin up another 100 yards or so and then I should be able to finish it up over the weekend.

My new routine is allotting a considerable amount of time to spend contemplating the chickens. So of course I have manymanymany  chicken stories to share, but will try to limit myself to just an update on their laying…

The chickens are clearly getting into a new routine as well and at this point three are laying regularly. Three of my six are…(I was going to say slackers)…are not laying yet.

Since her first egg documented a couple of Fridays ago, Lucy has decided that the rail near the gate is a good place to lay. She has no interest in the bright and shiny new nest boxes Larz installed. She is laying about every other day on the rail (to the left just outside of the photo above). The eggs have been large and double yolked. Ertha, one of the Barred Rocks lays regularly every day. She also refused the nesting boxes in favor of the floor right inside the coop door. A few days ago we put a wooden box out there and she seems to have taken to that. One of the Orpingtons is laying pretty regularly now as well.

Scientific observation…our largest chicken produces the smallest egg. The smallest chicken produces the biggest egg, and the medium sized chicken is the most reliable layer.

Lastly part of my new routine has involved pinning lots of egg recipes on Pinterset. Tonight I’m going to try...
Pasta, Eggs and Cheese a la Martha

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