Monday, September 24, 2012

Checking In

Hi there- it’s been quiet around here- I know. I think I experienced some kind of work-induced case of blog laryngitis. Seems the busier I got at work with meetings and planning- the more talking and interacting I was called on to participate in – the more quiet I craved in my down time and the harder I was finding it to put two words together here.

Well things have calmed down and I really have missed checking in- so here I am.

I managed to finish my Ingénue and we’ve had some cooler temps so I even got to wear it out grocery shopping last Saturday. I love the comfy relaxed fit that works even over a light denim shirt. Mostly it is just really satisfying to finish a project that had been hovering- neglected on my projects page for years- literally years.

With David away at school I’m missing my photo stylist. This will be a challenge for me. I know some folks who manage to get some ok self-portraits in the mirror. Me- I missed the target or ended up with blurry/fuzzy images.I may look into some kind of tripod, somehow interest Larz in assisting, or simply wait for David to come home for a visit.

I’m really looking forward to October. I'm planning a sweater for David – I’m heading to Cleveland for an exciting dye workshop with India Flint,and I’m playing with a new weaving project. There will be lots to share about. Happy Fall!

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