Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knitter's Logic

The Power of Suggestion, Or a glimpse into how my mind works.

I’m knitting away on a sweater – things are going well.

Decide to listen to "Cast On" to help the time go by on a loooooong stretch of stockinette.
Brenda mentions a bag I’ve been coveting for some time.
I put down my knitting,and pause the podcast to check out the bag’s website.
I resist temptation- pick up my knitting, and resume the podcast.
Brenda mentions her “Color Affection”. (a wildly popular shawl pattern-some 6,0000 or so projects posted on Ravelry)

“That sounds like fun…”
“I really should make one of those”
“I’m going to make one of those.”

I remember I have a sweater on my project page – a fingering weight cardigan I know I really don’t want to finish- maybe that yarn could be repurposed –I really like that teal blue.

I bet I have some other sock yarn in my stash that would go with it-

No- nothing I have really appeals to me….
I know- I’ll go to the yarn shop with the blue I have and treat myself to two new skeins of sock yarn.

Follow the logic there- I’m using one skein from stash and justifying buying two new- this my friends is one of the most common ways  stash grows. (Since it  looks like I’ll have some yarn left over of not only the blue but the two new skeins as well  –  you can see  depleting the stash is not going to happen any time soon.)

I did eventually finish the sweater despite the Color Affection detour- and I’m just about done with the Color Affection- picture taking session this weekend.

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