Friday, August 24, 2012

Not So Empty Nest

Oh boy- what a week.  We moved David into his first apartment and he’s pretty much set to go- starting classes Monday.

I won’t lie- the process has been a little painful for me, but  my excitement for him is growing and I hope that helps to overcome some of the sadness of missing him.

I wanted to share a couple of these photos especially for my Mom because that leather bag that David has adopted is the bag she gave me when I graduated from high school- enough years ago that it qualifies as vintage. That bag has been on many adventures – all over England and Scotland- to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Saltsburg, Vienna, and Nice. I know it’ll visit some pretty spectacular places with David as well.

So it’s been a little quiet around here the past couple of days…

Till this morning when I went to let the chickens out. Everybody clamored for the door to head to the yard except one of the Rhode Island reds- Lucy.  She was just standing there and made a little funny noise and…

Out popped this egg. My first egg! Right in front of me- seriously I wonder what the chances of that happening are? Anyway- from empty nest to first egg all in the last week …. I’ll get back to my knitting next week.

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