Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beat the Heat Giveaway! Day 2

My counter hit 10,000 visits! Seems like a reason to celebrate to me. So here is what I have in mind. Each day- for five days- Monday through Friday -I am going to do a post on how I’m beating the heat. Leave a comment sharing something you do to Beat the Heat and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win the pattern of your choice- which I will purchase through the gift button on Ravelry. Leave a comment everyday and that’s FIVE chances to win. Looking forward to a FUN week and reading your Beat the Heat comments!

Today I’m sharing my new favorite summer time drink…Pineapple Mint -Lime Slushies.  Track this stuff down if you can, It’s easy to grow and smells just like pineapple.

To make one tall drink I squeeze the juice of one lime into a tall glass- add a spoon or two of raw sugar, and a few sprigs of the pineapple mint. Then you muddle that with a spoon in the bottom of the glass to dissolve the sugar and release the mint’s oils.OK - I use a spoon because I don't have a muddler- a wooden masher thingy. I do have a nice wooden juicer though.

Next I crush a tray of ice in my trustee blender. Then I ladle the crushed ice over the syrup in the glass, and stir. A bendable straw and another sprig of mint make it festive.  It’s pretty difficult to feel hot while sipping one of these.


Keep Cool!

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