Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beat the Heat Giveaway! Day 3

My counter hit 10,000 visits! Seems like a reason to celebrate to me. So here is what I have in mind. Each day- for five days- Monday through Friday -I am going to do a post on how I’m beating the heat. Leave a comment sharing something you do to Beat the Heat and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win the pattern of your choice- which I will purchase through the gift button on Ravelry. Leave a comment everyday and that’s FIVE chances to win. Looking forward to a FUN week and reading your Beat the Heat comments!

David and I have been beating the heat – playing with the ice cream maker- experimenting with some recipes. Very different stuff than what I remember enjoying as kid off the ice cream truck. I think my earliest ice cream memories are of this guy-

I’m sure the truck even looked pretty much like this-

When I was in elementary school we lived in a subdivision visited by a Good Humor truck.

There were lots of ice cream “novelties” to choose from like Éclair Bars and Toasted Almond Bars and Bomb Pops. But I’m sure my mom also brought home 100s – probably 1000s of Fudgesicles and Creamsicles over the years.

The little booklet that came with our ice cream maker included a recipe for Fudgesicle ice cream made with instant pudding. It mentioned you could substitute other pudding flavors – so with such fond memories of Creamsiscles I decided to experiment with a vanilla pudding – adding some orange jello. The results were ummmm… pretty bad. The face David made when he tasted it was priceless. Unfortunately no photo of that ice cream or that face.We both agreed the texture was really strange and decided against giving the chocolate pudding a try.

To make it up to him I let David chose the next recipe and he picked coffee- which turned out so delicious it was difficult to convince him to hold off eating it until it could set in the freezer a bit. (really because I wanted to get in an ice cream photo shoot before it was all gone)

This was breakfast today! Ice Cream for breakfast- a good way to Beat the Heat- I'd say!

Hunting around the web for other recipes to try I found this one for Honey Ice Cream . I ‘m thinking it’s  really a frozen custard as it involves mixing five egg yolks with honey and adding that to simmering milk. Anyway I thought it would be a good recipe to try in anticipation of lots of eggs next summer from our chicks. It’s tucked away in the freezer right now getting firm- we'll let you know how it tasted latter.

The downside of our little maker is you can only do one batch a day because you have to wait for the tub to freeze again. Come to think of it –that’s probably a good thing as we (I) get carried away very easily.

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autumngeisha said...

Yum! Love all things coffee, especially ice cream! You and I are on the same wavelength because I have been beating the heat by binging on Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Icecream bars.