Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sasha for the Tea Dance

I found this 1922 pattern book while I was out treasure hunting.I love the illustration on the front cover - knitting by the lake on holiday, a boat on the water, I can almost feel the summer breeze.

I was inspired to pull out a neglected project. I started this Sasha Skirt ages ago. While I have no delusions that I’ll look anything like this ...

(the pattern pamphlet cover shot)

I was able to try a completed skirt on at a LYS and really did like the feel and swing of it.

I had the underskirt done all the way down to the last two rows with not enough yarn in that color to finish.I finally decided to use the contrasting color I’ll be using for the bottom ruffle.

I'm going to keep the other ruffle colors secret till they're done.

Now just three different lace ruffles to go. Linen yarn and lace – not exactly my favorite thing to knit, but I’d really like to have the skirt (and all this yarn was a pretty big investment)- so I’m going to dive in. I’m going to try to knit one ruffle a week for the next three weeks while I day- dream about attending Tea Dances at some seaside resort. We’ll see how it goes.

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