Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Stories

Do you have family stories that have become almost mythic? My family does. With six siblings and many adventures we have stories that get told and retold and embellished along the way.

One of my favorites is a story about my youngest brother Ed. One summer when he was about 10 he asked my Mom if he could use our garage as a clubhouse. My Mom, a busy working mother of seven said yes – probably not thinking much about the innocent request. That evening when she got home from work and opened the garage door to pull the car in there was a hole/door cut out of the back wall of the garage. “Well you said I could use the garage” he said. (I don’t think I was in charge of watching him…)

This story is somewhat related to today’s post catching you up on what’s going on with the chickens.

I have somewhat claimed the barn as my “clubhouse”, but I did have to ok a hole being cut out of the front of the barn with Larry.  Anyway the project was OKed as our best option- helping to keep the entry way a little cleaner for the humans. Once completed it took a few days for the chicks to get the hang of it. At first they would only come out through the hole  - now they’ll go in and out, and it seems they really enjoy it. I had a couple of old shutters that we are using as ramps.

The rowdiest of the bunch- one of the reds that I call Queen Bee did injure herself at some point last week. She was limping a little, but there was no visible cut or scrape. So the ramps got closed down for a few days.  I’m thinking she probably sprained it jumping from the ramp or the perch. Thankfully she seems to be all healed up and everyone is getting along just fine and enjoying some new treats.

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