Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tools of the Trade

I love knitting needles, and while I most often grab circulars- the good old fashioned straight ones make my heart warm.

My true favorites were gifts from my brother, a dear friend, and souvenirs.  I even have a pair carved by my son when he was eight during a family camping trip.

Do you know Knitty? The now iconic pitcher of needles on their banner inspired me to display my own collection of special needles in a cream colored pitcher.

Cruising Pinterest  I’ve spotted necklaces made from aluminum needles and bracelets made from old plastic needles. I liked the bracelets enough to try making a few myself.  This involved some non-scientific experimentation and a pan of simmering water. (I'm sure the whole thing is very unsafe and probably bad for your health-so use your own judgement if you decide you need to try this at home) The turquois needles bent rather easily. The red needle, which I think might be newer, took longer, and really didn’t want to hold its shape. Then I had the idea to add the row counter as a make shift clasp/"bead".  I added the tiny ball of handspun just for fun.

Anyway... check out some of these other knitting needle inspired pins. You can click on the link below the photos to see the original source.

advertisement (Oh how I'd love to find some of these...)

hat (ok don't those look a little like knitting needles?)

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