Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spinning and Socks and Cake and Music

Took this...

2 ply made from a Hidden Valley roving of stout brown Coopworth carded with tiny flecks of sari silk.

And made these socklets. (the angle of the photo make one look a little bigger- but they are both the same size)

This time I used a basic sock recipe by Ann Budd that I found in an old issue of Spin Off- Fall 2007 to be exact.With just the measurement around the widest part of the foot you are knitting for, and that foot’s length, and a swatch of the yarn you want to use, you can make a sock. – any size - any gauge. The pattern uses  a percentage system not unlike the Elizabeth Zimmerman "EPS". It makes so much sense to work this way especially with handspun. I did some poking around and it looks like Spin Off has included this pattern in an eBook.

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching I’m recommending Nigella Lawson’s chocolate-guinness-cake- to all my friends. In the past we have forgone the icing intended to remind you of the foam on the head of a pint. We splurged and I not only made the cake early but also made the icing.

Leaving you with my favorite Irish band-SOLAS- Enjoy!

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