Monday, March 19, 2012

This and That Weekend

I had a work related meeting that kept me in most of the day Saturday. It was a good meeting as meetings go, but excruciating because it was just glorious outside and I felt like a little kid who just wanted to get out for recess.

The screens went in the windows this weekend- the willows are greening up, the “Spring Peepers” are making quite a racket - all this at least a month earlier than usual.

I’ve been giving the fiber stash an airing and taking an inventory. Things do have a tendency to get tucked away and… 
I almost said forgotten.

I made a move to take care of two fleeces I’ve been holding onto. They had both been washed and I thought I would be able to handle the carding . Instead I decided to make a run to a mill about an hours drive away and have them turn it into roving.  I have some more time to think about what to do with them. The turn over time is 10-12 weeks.

The dyed Shetland I’ve been working through was from a spinning demonstration I did for a elementary school a few years back. It does feel good to recard it and get it organized. I had the blue I used for my hat, quite a bit of orange, some goldenrod, and some barn red.  Saturday night I spun up the red and started a simple seed stich scarf. It has some bits of the recycled denim carded into it too.

Despite the meeting Saturday there was still plenty of time to enjoy the warm breeze, the bird song, the new blooms popping up, and believe it or not I even managed to pull the vacuum out – wasn’t going to get away with letting it go another week- what with all the fiber flying around here.


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