Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Memories and Bulbs

(my first sweater on my one and only)

When David was little we planted a small bag full of these muscari bulbs. I had seen a photo in a garden book of a woodland just blanketed with them and in my hopeful heart and mind's eye that was what I hoped would happen out front. They've done pretty well - not exactly a blanket- but when they come up each year I remember David and I crouched down making little holes.

Last year I thought I would try to move some a little closer to the house so I could see them from the front window- because usually it's miserable out this time of year and I don't venture out to enjoy them like I should. 

Well it was a tricky thing to dig where I wanted to. Those are big maple tree roots and what seems to be pretty inhospitable soil, but lo- and- behold- a few popped up. 

Gardening advice needed...should I try to add some topsoil here. I asked a landscaper a while back and he said it would be bad to cover the roots at the base of the tree. I know there are Master Gardeners out there- what do you think?

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