Friday, March 23, 2012


I had buttons on my mind this week.

I finished up my little hand-spun scarflet. It’s just some ribbing, 20 some inches of seed stitch and three simple one-row buttonholes. I guess in a way it’s more like a cowl than a scarf.  I think it would be a perfect beginner project,and the perfect way to use up 120 yards of a special yarn,and 3 special buttons.

These vintage buttons have been in my sewing drawer for hmmmm…. maybe 10 years. I love them but wonder to myself why I’ve never actually sewed them to something so they could be enjoyed outside the drawer. I suspect they had become a little too precious to me and I worried a little about making something that would be “worthy” of them. Can you imagine that- silly I know… Do you have things or supplies or stashed yarn or fiber you don’t use because it has become too precious to you? I’ve decided to go ahead and dive in and enjoy these things.

Here are some of my favorite button related Pins from this week…
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And for a Friday Night flick check out this scene from the Irish film The War of the Buttons. Enjoy your weekend!

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