Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Oh my time flies by.  We had a busy weekend visiting Kendall College of Art and Design where David will be heading off to in the fall. We checked out the dorms, (which are really more like apartments- way nicer than any dorms in my memory), paid our deposit, and filled out the roommate questionnaire. Suddenly the empty nest thing is hitting home and the mixture of emotions we are all going through…..well…just a little tough to process.

So there’s been just bits of knitting and fits of spinning, but I did want to share about an e-course I’ve been exploring. I’ve long admired Kim Klassen’s photos and blog. She is very generous and offers many free tutorials about layering textures over photos in Photoshop. When I saw that there was a free two-week class starting and that you can download a free 40-day trial version of Photoshop Elements, I decided to challenge myself and give it a whirl. Kim is a genius in her sharing and instruction, and slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of some of the techniques. It’s a little slow going and requiring lots of practice- like so many fun things we get into I guess.
Thanks for checking in.

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