Thursday, February 16, 2012


When I want to knit, but don’t know what I want to knit, and am too weary to think about what I might want to knit, I knit what I call socklets.  I have found these the perfect little sock to wear with clogs. It’s a very plain and simple and soothing pattern.  I have been puzzling about them though since when I wear them without shoes- say to bed - they slip off in a most annoying manner. Could it be the cuff needs to be longer? Or is it the heel flap? Or is it the length of the foot itself?  Yesterday I was skimming the Yarn Harlot’s chapter on socks in Knitting Rules and noticed her table for shoe sizes and foot lengths, and lo and behold I have been knitting these socklets too short…according to the chart about 1 ½ inches too short. Then today I happened along a pattern from Purl Soho for   "Pompom Peds" and a photo grabbed my attention.

Can’t believe I’m going to admit this…. To measure  I think I lay the tape down starting with one - ignoring the fact that you need what comes before one to make the first inch. So in reality those socklets I’ve been knitting are actually 2 ½ inches too short. My brain is so fuzzy right now thinking of the many, many projects I may have measured in this goofy way.
I think I’ll  go sit in my corner and cast on another pair of socklets.

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