Saturday, January 28, 2012


I saw this idea on Pinterest, and even though cupcakes aren’t part of my New Year healthy eating regime, a treat now and then keeps things real, and this looked like fun, and besides Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Really it was kind of a science in the kitchen experience…really.


Any way, as you can see they turned out pretty good. They do look like hearts for the most part. Maybe some look a little more like Pac-Man heads.

I iced them with a cream cheese frosting, and added a sprinkling of coconut, which I would have tinted pink if I had had any or if I wasn’t afraid that they already contain a dangerous level of red food coloring.

I’m no food stylist, but there you have it, a beautiful pin on Pinterest interpreted by  me.

Please Note-While I am pretty good at channeling my inner seven year old this would have been even more fun with some little girls to keep me company. 

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