Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still Inspired

Sharing a little progress report on my Inspira Cowl which has morphed to include a hood of sorts.. These are just the briefest of notes but might be helpful if you get inspired to start your own.
Remember I cast on 200 stitches-lots of knitters started with less- even with 200 this is a shoulder hugging thing. If I make it again I’m going BIGGER.
After the braid…
Pattern #166  (Fair Isle pattern motifs from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book 200 Fair Isle Motifs)– 11 rows high
Rib = 7 rounds, 5 rounds, 3 rounds - alternating
Dec. 5 to be able to do 15 st. repeat even of
Pattern #118- 7 rows high
dec. 20 st. by K8K2tog. End K5 = 175 st
Rib=7 rounds, 5 rounds, 3 rounds
Dec. 20 st by K6K2tog, - 154 st
Dec. 1 to do Pattern # 64, 9 st repeat, 4 rows high
Dec. for neck , K5K2tog. End with 132 st
Bound off 3 st at the beginning of 2 rows and started working flat for hood
Rib. 7 rows
Work in garter stitch for desired depth of hood….I am almost done with my 3rd ball of Amazing. I have used a size 10 needle throughout.

So this is where I’m at…I decided to keep it simple, the hood has no shaping and I’m going to do a 3 needle bind off to seam the top. I was thinking of ribbing the edge and incorporating Pattern # 64 again, but as it stands the edge of the hood needs to be turned back when it’s up. I’ll keep you posted.

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