Saturday, January 21, 2012


I am so excited by the new project I’m working on that I can’t stop thinking about it.
If you are a knitter you understand…If not- oh well forgive me.

It’s the Inspira Cowl by the inspiring and talented and generous, Celerystalk. 
I’ve ooooogled it for some time now and decided I just had to give it a whirl. It’s really more of an ADVENTURE than a pattern. There are direction for three versions in the PDF and 100s upon 100s of variation on Ravelry.  I am really taken with the collages that the designer has included, and her idea of translating story and place through a knitted garment.

So this is what I have so far…
I shopped my Stash first to see what I could incorporate.
I had some DK Jamieson’s I’d like to make use of.
Then I checked out some Lion Bran Amazing at JoAnns
(because lots of other folks are using it and there must be a good reason right? 
Well it has lots going for it. It’s inexpensive and the comes in lots of cool colorways.)

After looking at many  many cowls and following the designer’s nudge I bumped up my cast on to 200 stiches.

I decided on a picot edge and searched how- to tutorials for some ideas on how to do what I envisioned. This is what I settled on.

I moved on to a Latvian braid. I like This video. It’s so easy to follow as opposed to trying to read written direction on how to do it.

Then I decided to add a little stranded band. I chose #166 from Mary Jane Muclkestones book “200 Fair Isle Motifs”.

Now I’m into some corrugated ribbing which is the main design element of this cowl.

I slipped it all onto a piece of waste yarn to check the size and all seems well.
I was a little concerned about the rolling I was getting with the picot edge but a good steam pressing in that area seems to have helped.

I usually get caught up in projects and don’t post details of the process as I go.
So I’m trying something new here and will keep you updated on what I come up with.

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