Friday, September 23, 2011


For smallish quick knits I am fearless when it comes to color. For items requiring an investment of time and/or money I default to grey. I love grey. Knitting grey soothes me. I even love grey days because they give me a good excuse to cuddle up and knit and knit. With the days getting cooler and greyer I have found myself happily knitting away…

I actually finished this pullover a few weeks back. I love the drapey alpaca yarn but didn’t know how I was going to like doing the color work with it. Turns out… I really like it. My favorite part of the whole project was the orange at the hem.

This past week I was shuffling clothes around, looking for things to donate to a clothing drive, and I found a bag with a long forgotten project in it. I actually started this sweater in 2007. All that was left to do…the side seams, garter stitch cuffs, and placket ribbing and garter stitch. The thing that struck me was how much I’ve learned over the past few years. I finished in just a couple of days something that four years ago, seemed like too much to tackle. Progress! End result a cozy sweater I haven’t wanted to take off.

Pleased that I had finished a WIP, I headed to Susan’s. I have wanted to start a cardigan with a color work yoke ala Elizabeth Zimmerman. Searching through the bins of Spindrift I spotted some charcoal grey, and then some cornflower blue. Go for the grey I thought…Susan said blue, go for the blue. You know she was right. I’m loving the blue.

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