Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flood Victim

“Why all the mosquitoes?” You might ask.
We’ve spent the past couple of weeks drying out from some record breaking rain. Something like 6 inches in 6 hours, and it seems it all ended up in our basement. Well all in all it was a good excuse to clean up down there and my losses were small. I had one carefully packed plastic bin of Christmas memories sitting on top another larger but lighter bin of Christmas stuff. The bigger box floated, and the smaller box toppled, and our Christmas memories….soaked. Everything got laid out and dried and faired pretty well, but this little bear that I’ve had since eighth grade, well his seams split, exposing his wooden skeleton, and one of his ears fell off…a dab of crazy glue and he’s close to normal.
In the mean time I got a fun new toy. Have you seen those little Polaroid Pogo printers? I ran across this video a while back. Having FUN playing along.

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