Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally Finished

This started out as last years vacation knitting but juggling three colors in the car just didn’t work for me. So I think I knit on it a little through the fall, but I am easily distracted and mittens and hats grabbed my attention. With three repeats of the chart done it lay abandoned. Pulled it out a couple of weeks ago and resolved to finish. Even went the “extra mile”. The called for, four repeats of the chart equaled five feet two inches…a little short for my taste. Another repeat of the chart gave me a generous six foot, six inch scarf. Perseverance and patience… not always easy to come by but that’s all it took.

We are having THE WORST mosquito problem in our parts. Really! You can’t get out the door and not be swarmed. David ventured out with me to try to get a photo of the scarf. Here I am batting a mosquito away. Honestly….summer is overrated. I’m ready fro winter.

PS… Counting this as Project Spectrum knitting. The pink color in this Rowan Felted Tweed yarn is called Paisley.

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