Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love rummaging, scavenging, treasure hunting…. through antique “malls”. flea markets, church , yard, barn sales ….. you name it. I find I’m drawn to pretty simple things. What you might call everyday objects. Objects with character that have seen some use. I really enjoy finding out little tidbits of information about an object and ruminating on the specifics of what drew me to it.

I picked this Stanley Aladdin Thermos up at a church rummage sale. I love its classic lines, that shade of green, the little silver tone cup, and the handle bolted around with those rings. In these parts this thermos probably went to work in the GM shop and might have gone on many hunting or fishing trips.

On the Stanley site I learned that this company was the first to use steel in place of glass for insulation way back in 1913 and “that green” (known as Hammer Tone Green) was introduced in 1953. Looks like a previous owner may have improvised the handle. I don’t see any others like it on the company site.

While I enjoy just gazing at my thermos, it does seem a shame not to put it to work. I’m planning on bringing it along the next time I head out to paint.

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