Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sporting Red

Our Spring has been pretty gloomy, and I’ve spent my fair share of watching for it longingly out the picture window. In the meantime I have really enjoyed the birds coming and going. Sunday, right on cue for Project Spectrum, a Rose Breasted Grosbeak appeared. We have several varieties of birds that sport red frequenting our feeders. There are cardinals, the house finch, all sorts of woodpeckers from small to huge and red wing blackbirds, but the Rose Breasted Grosbeak - they are a rare and special sight. The first time I saw one it startled me because I thought it was an injured bird, the red at its throat was so vivid. The males sport a triangular bandanna or shawl, if you like, of bright scarlet…a festive accessory. The females are much more subtle, looking something like large sparrows, but their beaks are bigger. I decided to capture the visit with a sketch in my journal, drawn from my bird guide book not from nature. I want to remember my special Project Spectrum visitor.

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