Monday, April 4, 2011

Craving Color

It’s been awhile. I know.

I’ve been resting, renewing, rejuvenating- finding inspiration and playing. This past weekend I visited our local greenhouse with a friend. There really weren’t many flowering things to speak of other than some pansies and these beautiful Lenten Roses, but I will share some of the garden knick-knacks.

The bird feeder made from a canning jar and some Fiesta Ware plates was really charming…going to try to “borrow” that idea. (The $60.00 price tag was a little steep)

Last week I made it home to visit and had such a wonderful time catching up with everyone…lots of knitting time with my knitting niece. We are working on these socks. I really prefer something like a footie with my clogs and managed to finish these pretty quickly. Anxiously awaiting the time to start the Bright Lights Chard and the nasturtiums. Love those colors!

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