Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Big Weekend for Us

We made our first college visit this past weekend. David is interested in art and design so we headed downstate to College for Creative Studies. We had a great day! The tour and the faculty were just fabulous. David had the chance to get portfolio feedback from folks in the illustration department as well as admissions. I was so proud of him laying his work out and listening carefully… “this is strong”, “this is weak”,” that really moves me”.

We celebrated the special day with a late lunch in Greek Town, dessert and coffee at Astoria.

Sunday I finished a scarf. David requested the grey and navy stripes. I chose an alpaca and wool blend and splurged on some new Brittany needles. To keep it interesting I used the Irish Moss stitch. The finished fabric reminds me of the texture of the thermal shirts he likes so much. The yarn, the needles, and the stitch all danced together while prayers were whispered. Prayers of thankfulness for the blessing David is to us and prayers of hope for the wonderful young man he is becoming.

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