Monday, February 14, 2011

A bird in the hand...

Today I added a free pattern download for the mitts I made for Susan. I am calling them Harlequin Mitts because of all the diamond shapes and because they remind me of harlequin paintings by Picasso.

While I am pretty comfortable winging it with the embroidery in a freehand kind of way I did some thinking about how I would transfer a pattern – say from a book. I searched my local library and found a Dover publication, “American Folk Art Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftspeople".

Then I hunted down some cool stuff at Joann’s. It’s called Wash-N-Gone. It’s a lightweight film, something like interfacing. You can trace a design, baste it to your knitting, and proceed to embroider. I did a little running stitch , then just ran a little bit of water over the Wash- n- Gone and it was…gone. It melted away.

So if you decide to make the Harlequin Mitts embroider to your hearts content freestyle.
Not up to freestyle- Don’t despair try the Wash-N-Go.
Enjoy the journey!

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