Saturday, February 12, 2011

The ancient secret of happiness

I was visiting around and crashed what looks to have been a really fun Valentine’s Day Tea hosted by Sue. You can check it out here . I saw the brownies and couldn’t get them off my mind. And there was mention of Chocolate Tea. Yum! Well as it turns out I was out shopping for treats for the boys and found this…

Red Velvet Chocolate Tea made by the Republic of Tea. It’s described as a caffeine free herb blend with Rooibos, Chocolate, Vanilla and Beet root. They claim its rich in antioxidants. I have to say it really does taste like chocolate cake. The most fun part… the tea with milk added is the prettiest pink color. A little sugar – heaven. Forget the brownies. They can’t claim antioxidants.
Wisdom from the side of the tin...
Drinking tea desires deminish and I come to see the ancient secret of happiness: Wanting what I already have.

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