Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So what have you been up to?

July was just crazy…work wise it’s my busiest month of the year…with a new part time position thrown into the mix it’s taken a while to get my bearings.’s all good. August found us trying something new. Family vacations for us have always meant camping up North. I love it; Larry loves it… the sixteen year old has started to not love it so much. So this year we tried something different and headed to Toronto for a dose of the big city.

We shopped Kensington Market for vintage stuff, and art supplies, and ate some wonderful noodle dishes and duck in China Town. We went for a night on the town and sat in on a comedy club. David was convinced we’d get some kind of mention there for being the table with the oldest and youngest in the club- ha-ha-ha.

We did lots and lots of walking –all the way to the waterfront...

 the Music Gardens, the CN Tower.

We took a couple of side trips winding our way to Niagara Falls...

And latter to Stratford where we stayed in a very lovely B&B  and took in “Kiss Me Kate” - fun-fun-fun.

We even took a tour of the costume warehouse where we saw a spectacular chandelier made out of plastic spoons. I fell in love with these shoes… it was all I could do not to lift them right off their pedestal and take them home.

The weirdest thing about the last couple of months- no knitting to speak of. I had a special vacation project all set to go but didn’t pick it up till this past weekend – stuck my toe in the water – and it feels fine…will share soon…promise.


Kym said...

Welcome back! Looks like a fabulous vacation! I love Toronto. How did your 16-year-old like it? (My kids began to think of our time Up North as torture in their teen years; funny how that goes.)

Love the shoes!

fidlstix said...

Thanks Kym! Yes I think David really enjoyed the adventure- nights around the campfire with the folks had lost their appeal. We found out this week his art teacher is sponsoring a trip to Toronto so he’s thinking about heading back in the spring.