Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whacha Knitting?

1. "Pick us up, please!", 2. The Healthy Path, 3. Apple Tree, 4. Autumn Path, 5. Garden path, 6. you don't choose the path, the path chooses you…(365/003), 7. Apple Orchard, 8. The Orchard
I’m keeping cool dreaming of autumn walks down orchard paths.

I’ve been playing with Flicker images and Mosaic Maker, combining colors and textures, loosing track of time….I pulled together an apple orchard pallet.

Planning a simple cardigan using an old favorite Kaffe Fassett motif that’s reminding me of paths. My paths are a color called “Earth”. Sometimes it looks dark green sometimes deep brown. The border pattern is borrowed from a Simply Shetland pattern by Anne Featony.
I love the checkered effect you get when you alternate two colors in a simple garter stitch.


affectioknit said...

Your sweater is lovely! I'm sending you some cool ND thoughts!

Kym said...

Those colors are wonderful -- as are the cool, shady, apple-y photos. Wonderful collage.