Monday, July 5, 2010

Blooming Today…
Coconut Lime coneflower
Dill and
Baby Pickles

It was a very different sort of Fourth of July holiday for us this year...

We normally head to Cleveland to hang out with cousins, and watch our hometown parade and fireworks. This year David headed out with his youth group to help with the Appalachian Service Project instead. I’m not saying this was an easy decision for him. While we “gently” encouraged him to go…it was his decision. The 4th is a major holiday in his book- second only to Thanksgiving as a day we gather with extended family, but in the end he decided to go. Hard to put into words how proud I am of him

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Kym said...

Lovely blooms! It's so wonderful when we can be proud of the decisions they make! That's cause for a real celebration!