Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Efforts

                                                                                                                                                                             My Every Way Wrap

Is coming out of hibernation!
Ready- Set- Go! for the mass cast on at 9:00PM my time. I’ve entered the WIPSdancing event- and so technically I’ve already cast on. This project got put on hold when I messed up the set up row after a couple glasses of wine on Christmas day. Weeks have flown by while my attention has been focused on Fair Isle stuff and getting ready for a class I’m teaching.

I’ve joined Team Knitmore having just recently discovered  Knitmore Girls podcast Check them out- they’re a Mother/Daughter team and quite a hoot!
Well my project is thawed and my warm up list checked off…

  • Wind yarn in balls-check
  • Highlight size in directions - check
  • Reread instruction on set-up row since this is where I messed up originally- I think I get it now
  • Set a goal of 5 inches a day- I should be 30 inches knit by next Friday February 18, that should be half way – If I reach this goal- I’ll treat myself to special buttons next Saturday!

Ravelympics is all about following through on a personal challenge- it’s not about the number of projects completed or size or the complexity- and most of all its just a great way to celebrate your knitting- cheer on other knitters and distract yourself during a couple of dreary late February weeks. Blink your eyes- it’s March and you have a FO and a Medal! Actually I’m feeling like I should get a medal today for finally getting all the right buttons pushed to enter- yup- pulled up my big girl pants and figured it out- now I’m ready to roll- or should I say dance
Weighing In –If you’ve read my older posts you may remember that I set a few goals for myself for the New Year. Well the walking and water are paying off- I’ve also added Yoga to the mix and am down 10 pounds since mid December. I'll be following the Winter Games on the big screen at the Gym and working on my event -rocking away and sipping tea- not wine -cables demand  attention don'tchaknow.The New Year also saw me set out to finish up some WIPS (I know… and almost every other knitter/blogger- big sigh) so entering WIPSdancing seems to fit right in!
My word for the month of February – “Discipline”
I now realize the importance of making just showing up the first step, and it’s really paid off. Just get there-to the gym – on the treadmill- to the yoga class- once there I do what I came for - and I am “victorious”. (my yoga instructor uses that word often-and it’s rubbing off) Watch while I whip up this WIP wrap- I can taste victory.

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