Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Twenty years ago I met a guy. I was working as a florist at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. He was the pianist in the orchestra. Being the florist at the Grand was….well….Grand. It was tough physical work, but the materials I had to work with were glorious and cost was never an issue.

This guy though- this guy…. Anyway, I’d be working away into the night – at that time the florist stand was right in the lobby- folks would file past on their way to the Terrace Room, and there was this music-

There was dancing too, but I never saw it – too busy …

This guy though- when he walked by he’d leave little bags of Oreos on my counter- can you imagine that? Any way I saw the Northern lights for the first time on a late night beach date with this guy and we started perfecting “our” chilly recipe in my apartment there. Two year latter we married on Valentine’s Day.
 He played Sinatra at our reception and I did my own flowers- hand wired and tied blue hyacinth florets.

Eighteen years latter we’re still perfecting that chilly recipe and collaborating on an
incredibly gifted sixteen years old, and need I say
we plan on living happily ever after.

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