Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had a birthday celebration coupon from Heritage Spinning and Weaving and decided yesterday was the day to make some good use of it. I’ve been hatching a plan to start a vest and even though I am working on whittling down my Wsssss…….IP, I’m sure that birthday yarn is ok to splurge on at 20% off- YEA for me!

I love color and there’s something wonderfully special about Jamieson’s colors. There are soooooo many for one thing. It can be overwhelming to stand in front of all those bins and narrow down your selection. I was on a mission though- Earth Tones. I don’t really like that expression for some reason. “Earth Tones” – when were they popular? But something about seeing beauty in the intricacy of the bare branches and the melting snow on last fall’s leaves has inspired me to try this pallet. What comes to mind – stones, and tree bark, and soil, and rocks, and mushrooms, and lichens, and the feathers and fur of the quiet winter birds and animals out and about now.

Meet the very helpful outside cat that always visits to be part of a photo shoot. (I realize photographing baskets of yarn balls and cats puts me in the “Crazy Cat Lady” category….I’m at peace with that)

Back to the yarn and color.....Shetland sheep are prized for the variety of the color of their wool. The colors have wonderful and to me, exotic names like Shoimit, Shaela, Mogit and Mooskit. I suppose it would be a little embarrassing to romanticize a word and find out it means “the brown of dung” so I looked up a Shetland dialect list and found that Sholmit means cow with a white face- Shaela means grey wool, didn’t see Mogit, but there was Moorit which means brown. Finally- there was Mooskit meaning mouse colored.
I’ve decided to name my photographic assistant Moosekit. Hope he won’t find that demeaning.
 May just call him Kit for short.


Marie-Jolie said...

I love earth tones! (And I love your furry model... very handsome.)

Kym said...

There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than with yarn! To heck with "say it with flowers". . . I say "say it with fiber!"

Lovely yarn. Cute kitty. Fabulous basket.

Thea said...

Earth tones are great! I like how you can mix earth tones and not have to worry if they'll clash.