Thursday, December 31, 2009


Gotta love the New Year- the opportunity to reflect and review, the fresh start feel of it! I'm a "glass half full" kindof gal (almost to a fault) and so this week between Christmas and New Years has me filled with optimism and hope that the boxes on my list of resolutions will be checked come New Years 2011.Walking, Water and Wanting top my list. That would be more of the first two items and less of the third. I have also joined the folks of a new Ravelry group -starts with a W : ) I'll be working my way through a lot of stuff. It'll probably take most of the weekend just to ferret it out and make a list, but it's not as harsh as it sounds- I know there's some fun stuff in there.Speaking of finishing off things....I just completed a small gift to send off to a very dear friend.
Happy New Year Blessings!

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