Thursday, January 14, 2010


Haven’t fallen off the face of the earth-
Have actually accomplished a few “Organizing for the New Year” projects.
You know those little puzzles with the tiles you scoot around? I’ve been clearing out some cupboards…Got rid of about five years worth of Cooking Light magazine and took two huge boxes of books to a new used book shop in town. (While there I found two treasures I’ll post about latter.) The reorganizing got slowed as I tried to move ten years worth of photos and negatives (yes negatives- remember those?) out of one cupboard to under the bed type storage boxes. Lots of extra time was spent, as I couldn’t keep myself from taking trip after trip down memory lane. Finally though progress was made and I was able to claim some space in a corner of the kitchen to store my collage and journaling stuff. Easy access to fun- mission accomplished! Rummaging around I found a scarf with a special history. A friend introduced me to knitting in college. I’m thinking I must have admired a scarf she was wearing and she offered to get me started. I remember picking out this fuzzy and fine yarn in a downtown department store. I was really drawn to it by the color- not sure what you’d call it – bright peach- or melon maybe.(note how it matches my ears) I remember knitting while I worked at my post in the library. Most work-study students studied, I knitted. When the scarf was finished I wore it with great pride and it’s a testament of its special value that I still have it – even in its tucked awayness- even after all those many years- most assuredly because such a special friend shepherded me through its creation. Looking through all those photos, finding my scarf, not to mention my baby turned sixteen this week- boy am I feeling nostalgic.


Anonymous said...

It's fun to take a side trip down "memory lane" while re-organizing! Not necessarily good for time-management, but good for the soul. So glad you found the scarf. Great inspiration!


affectioknit said...

I definitely know what you mean about the photos - good luck with that and Happy New Year - I'm so glad I found your blog!