Friday, July 12, 2013

Finishing and Beginning

The Holiday weekend is a memory and the summer seems to be just flying by.David was home for the weekend and we had a wonderful afternoon picnic with his girlfriend’s family.

We spent the evenings by our little fire pit – me knitting away- and eating my fair share of s’mores.

I’m to the last pattern repeat on my rainbow colored hap shawl and am anticipating the sewn binding with a little apprehension… which of course led me to think of starting something new…sometimes that is just how it goes.

Knitting those looooonnnnggggg rows I was daydreaming about the other Fair Isle projects in the “Colors of Shetland” book and the next thing I know I had pulled out my Shetland Spindrift stash. I organized the colors in a color wheel on the dining room table and spent some time thinking about how the colors I have on hand would work together. Before I could stop myself I was casting on a hat- another Kate Davies design called Tantallon.

I had yarn on hand to come pretty close to those in the pattern photos, but this would be such a fun pattern for experimenting with some new color combinations. The pattern showcases a simple peerie (a small pattern band) colored in three pairs of contrasting shades. As pictured it’s a beanie shape but it could be blocked out over a dinner plate to make a tam. I think I like the beanie- I especially like the little i-cord knot.

What has kept me from making this pattern before is that it starts with a provisional cast on. I have never quite been able to master that- even after watching numerous You Tube tutorials. Well I finally made my way over to my favorite LYS and Marsha the Yarn Doctor patiently demonstrated it for me.Sometimes face to face help is the best way to go- so thankful Beyond the Rainforest offers this!


Now I not only have a new technique mastered I also have a nice soft inner band of cashmere on a new hat. All this and fingers itching to do more color work.

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