Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To Rip or To Tink

I was seriously in need of some mindless knitting over the weekend. So I picked up my long lost but not forgotten Ingenue.

I had finished the collar and raglan shaping for the arms and was ready for the body, which includes some pretty straightforward waist shaping.

Somehow I missed the line that read do 10 rows straight before the waist shaping. It was after about 20 rows that I realized my mistake thinking, “Wow that waist shaping is pretty high….” I mentioned I was in need of some mindless knitting right?

So I needed to erase 20 rows to get to the pleasure of 10 straight rows.
Do you rip back boldly with no fear of picking up those live stiches?
Or do you slowly and methodically tink  (knit backwards) meaning to take the stiches out one by one- embracing the meditative process- no murmuring allowed…?

Me – I tinked the thing because there is mohair in this yarn and it wants to catch and knot when pulled. I confess to just a little murmuring.

Do you have a "mindless" knitting project on hand that you can pick up when that mindless knitting mood strikes?

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Stitched Together said...

Good grief! That takes some patience. Well done.