Monday, July 9, 2012

Sprucing Up the Place

I’m joining my friend Lisa in something new - 
MIY Mondays!

Lisa’s MIY Mondays's Mission is to share creative, innovative, fun and (hopefully) cheap ideas and projects for your home and life, as well as healthy and (hopefully) cheaper alternatives to everyday cooking, shopping and eating out. 

So for my first MIY Monday…I saw this idea on Pinterest that required an old tire, some spray paint and some plants. I remembered I had found an old tire when I cleaned out the shed and there was an old hose rack on the front of the barn that would be perfect to hang the tire on. I had the can of white Rustolium in the basement. I sweet-talked Larry into drilling some drainage holes since I didn’t want to risk breaking his drill trying to go through the steel belt. Then I treated myself to a trip to the nursery, and decided nothing says Hen House better than pink petunias.

I never thought I’d be someone with a tire planter in their yard – but heck I never thought I’d be someone with chickens in my backyard either, and I’m rather liking both the chickens and the tire planter.

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The chickens are really curious about the planter and I suppose there’s a chance they may decide to eat it for dinner but here’s what it looks like today all bright and new. 

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Pumpkin said...

Such a great project! I'm so impressed by this idea and it looks great on the side of the barn! And just look at your girls! They are all grown up now : )