Friday, July 13, 2012

A Rumpled Mess

Yep that’s what the skirt looks like and what I’m feeling like.
I had all hopes of showing off a beautiful finished Sasha skirt today or at least some day over the weekend.

I had the third ruffle nearly completed Wednesday- put the live stitches on a life line- tried it on- decided I thought I could live with it- picked up all the loose stitches and started to knit- and royally messed up the lace pattern somehow- puzzled over somehow fixing it –and decided to rip out the ruffle and start again.

Have also decided to take out the top ruffle and go with feather and fan for all three. So there you have it. I was so disgusted with it that I refused to look at it all day yesterday. And you know what – you wouldn’t believe all the things I accomplished. I’ll spare you the list.

I may pick it up tomorrow, but in the mean time I’m plotting my staycation. I have two weeks off from work and I’m staying home. Larry and David are heading out on a road trip to California and I’ll have the house to myself. Not that I’d don’t love them and all -I’m just looking forward to some alone time here. Everyone who I tell this too looks sadly at me and asks if I don’t feel left out. Well no I actually don’t….

The thing that has me churning just a little is how to plan –but not over plan my time. I have a short trip home to help celebrate my Mom’s birthday next week and then another day trip to catch up with my sister in Grand Rapids the following week.I plan do a lot of spinning, to read Spider Woman –a story about Navajo weavers and chanters by Gladys Reichard, and a wonderful book on natural dying by Trudy Van Stralen. I’d like to say I’m going to try to eat healthy and walk everyday and I just may finish that rumpled mess of a skirt. I’ll keep you posted.

PS- update on the tire planter- it made a grand snack basket. The girls managed to jump and get every last petunia. I could move it higher but that seems cruel. I may just plant it with things I know they can eat…

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Pumpkin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the frustrating turn of your skirt, you are so close to finishing it too! You are such a talented knitter though, you can do this! Have fun with your little break!