Saturday, June 30, 2012

When Last We Met... and a Giveaway!

I was plunging head first into completing my Sasha Skirt.  There are three purl rows where you are to pick up and knit a ruffle. Each ruffle is a different color and a different lace stitch. Thing were going swimmingly.

I did decide to change up the color of my first ruffle when it dawned on me that I probably really didn’t want what I had chosen around a part of me I would like to DE -accentuate.  Well the first ruffle calls for 1 skein the other two , 2 skeins –unbelievably a yarn shop in town had a skein in the color I needed. It is a different lot and so I’m alternating skeins with each round which is a royal pain…..just to be sure not  to end up with the Washington Monument effect- (started in one kind of brick- finished in another)

I finished that first ruffle in the color I was going to use for the third ruffle, and started right in on the second, and the stitch pattern whipped me- Maybe it was a combination of a super busy work week, the heat, and the stitch pattern, but I ended up ripping it out and then after looking at almost every Sasha on Ravelry I noticed many -many others had trouble with that second ruffle. Many folks also mention running out of yarn just short of finishing a ruffle.  I’ve decided on a Plan B. I am still going to do a different color on each tier, but they are all going to be Feather and Fan Stitch-which means i will be ripping that first ruffle out. I am enjoying the wavy effect of the Feather and Fan. I’m doing it in a little looser gauge to give the fabric an airier feel and I’m going to  run a yarn through the last row of each ruffle and check out the lengths after trying it on- then I’ll bind off. I’m not ready to give up on it yet.

OK in other news my blog is about to hit a milestone. Sometime this week the counter will reach 10,000 visits.  Seems like a reason to celebrate to me. So here is what I have in mind. Each day- for five days- Monday through Friday -I am going to do a post on how I’m beating the heat. Leave a comment sharing something you do to Beat the Heat and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win the pattern of your choice- which I will purchase through the gift button on Ravelry. Leave a comment everyday and that’s FIVE chances to win.  To make things even more fun … I’ve noticed I’m up to 24 followers, which is amazing to me! Maybe you visit but haven’t become a follower…well follower number 25 will receive a fun surprise package of goodies. Looking forward to a FUN week!

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