Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Knitting Heroes 3KCBWDAY3

My brother gifted me this beautiful vintage photograph-picturing women kitting for the men of the East Lancashire Regiment, dated 12/12/14.  These women represent to me the special ability craft has for bringing people together. These women were knitting for their boys in the trenches. They were providing a needed service, while keeping their hands and minds busy during a stressful period. They were caring for others, each other, and themselves in the process.

The photo below pictures the hands and work of the Prayer Shawl Ministry Team at my church - another group of dedicated women knitting to care for others, but in the process caring for each other and themselves. The year and the situations are different, but the caring is the same. My knitting heroes are these women, past- present- through time- doing what appears to be a very ordinary thing while demonstrating extraordinary caring.

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knit one, knit two said...

Great post - anyone who selflessly knits for others is a hero in my book!