Thursday, April 26, 2012

A knitter For All Seasons - Not Really 3KCBWDAY4

I love winter and wool – summer and summer knitting – not much. 

Note- no pictures of our trees out front in summer.

I may need to start liking summer though….
Seems like most conversations have something about the weather in them lately. The weather has just been strange and it sounds like it's been strange in many places- not just my little corner of the upper Midwest U.S.

We had an unseasonably warm winter and more sunny days in a row since the first of the year than anyone could ever dream of in Michigan. So I risk sounding like Debbie Downer when I say WOW – could this be global warming? (not a popular thing to mention in a town where the economy is based on the auto industry) Awwwww maybe it’s just a fluke and we’ll be bundled up again next year...

Trying not to be too much of an alarmist, and to look at the bright side, and imagine my glass half full, and all that – I’m going to rejoice in the fact that if future winters are like last winter my sweaters will be seen because there won’t be a need for coats. I’m going to celebrate what Fall Fashion Week 2012 has forecasted - a season where shawls, wraps and cowls are right on top of the trend list.  Forget the coat- embrace the shawl! Just don’t ask me to start knitting linen or cotton.

Checking Ravelry there are 21,807 shawl patterns, 2,104 capes, 19,427 wraps, and 9,742 cowls. So much knitting to look foreword to..

Let me share a few of my favorite wrap/shawl type patterns from my project page in case you are looking for something for your warmer winter ahead.-click on the links for Ravelry project details.

Colourflow-Wrap ingenious construction- knit as a tube- cut it apart- unravel the fringe 

Every-Way-Wrap -so versatile!

Inspira-Cowl-a super creatively written pattern that you can really play with.

EZ PI Shawl -a classic – everyone should knit an EZ PI Shawl.

Happy Knitting! 

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